Earth Day

April 22, 2018 is Earth Day. This is a good time for everyone to help clean up along the Fox River Trail. In most areas, the right-of-way is 30 feet from the middle of the trail. Some areas in Allouez are narrower, but generally marked well. Please respect the neighboring property. If you collect too much refuse to take home with you, contact the Park office for pick up. 920-448-6497.

Published by Friends of the Fox River Trail

Friends for the Fox River Trail (FFRT) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping the Brown County Parks Department with the maintenance and upkeep of the Fox River State Recreational Trail in Brown County. Over the past 16 years, the FFRT have helped to raise money to pave additional mileage, to build bathrooms, picnic areas and rest stops. Upcoming projects include working with the Village of Allouez on installing a walking trail and picnic area next to the river in Sunset Park. Besides fundraising, the FFRT hosts work days to help remove invasive species and clean up the areas around the trail.

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