Wisconsin State Trail Passes

Click here to purchase an Annual Pass online.

Did you know that Brown County maintains 35 miles of WI State recreational
trails! They are the Fox River, Mountain Bay and Devils River Trails. Daily and Annual trail passes fund 100% of the maintenance and operations of these trails.

Pass fees pay for the following: staff to patrol and clean the trail, maintenance activities such as cutting and removal of dead trees and replacing culverts, and upgrades when there is enough funding available. A portion from each pass stays with Brown County. The remainder of the annual pass fee funds WI DNR statewide trail grants. The entire daily pass fee stays with Brown County.

County Code and State Statute require anyone 16 and older to purchase a daily or annual pass to use the trails for anything other than walking/jogging.  Although purchasing your pass is a law – it is also important to continue the maintenance and upkeep of the trail, as these funds are used only for these state rec trails.

In 2016 the County Board has approved a Violation Notice system for individuals not adhering to the pass policy. This Violation Notice system is supplemental to a more formal citation, which could cost more than $150! In the future, if you are stopped on the trail without a valid pass you may be issued a Violation Notice which would require you to purchase your annual pass for $25 and a $10 surcharge. The goal of the Violation Notice system is to make sure everyone who needs one, purchases either their daily or annual pass.  It is important for individuals to carry a pass when they use the Fox River, Mountain Bay or Devils River Trails.

Click here to purchase an Annual Pass online.

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