GBMT development plan

Green Bay Metro and the Brown County Planning Commission are in the beginning stages of preparing a Transit Development Plan. The purpose of the plan is to guide improvements for Metro for the next five years. Whether you ride the bus or not, you are invited to participate in a brief online survey and onlineContinue reading “GBMT development plan”

Manage Performance and Minimize Injuries

Hear from Sam Krier, Bellin Health Physical Therapist and Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist about the importance of finding the right fit on your bike. Learn how a personalized physical exam in conjunction with a high speed motion capture system can find you your perfect fit. Not only will you learn about your bike position, you will also learn aboutContinue reading “Manage Performance and Minimize Injuries”

WinterFest on Broadway

This weekend — Saturday January 27th, 11am – 4pm Why stay home dreaming about summer when you can be active and take advantages of one of Wisconsin’s most underrated seasons? This event will warm the family with many activities in the Broadway District that will remind you winter’s not that bad, and summer is rightContinue reading “WinterFest on Broadway”